Connecting to the Divine and our Higher Selves. Meeting the Angel of Order and Harmony


I hope you enjoy this Shamanic journey.  I did this some time ago but it felt right to publish it today.  There have been some amazing and profound things happened in my life over the last few days since These Wings Can Fly was published in paperback and I believe it is because I have been trying to practice the wisdom I was honoured to have been given to me in this meditation.

I am completely feeling the synchronicity and in the flow!!!

Knowing how we can remove burdens we have imposed and free the angel within us to do its perfect work and bring joy into our being

I am standing in a stream.  I am sifting stones in a giant sieve – like I am sifting for gold.

A white dove is standing on a rock at the side of the stream and it is watching me as I work.

A Tribe of American Indians arrive.  They are playing drums and shakers.

I am shaking the sieve to the beat of the music and doing a bit of a dance as I do it.  We are all laughing and joining in the beat and the rhythm, dancing together.

An angel arrives and stands in the distance watching for a while.  The Angel comes to join me.  I get out of the stream and we set off up the hill.

We walk past a forest on our right.  The Tribe follows us and plays a steady marching song.

I hear, “Take a steady pace to your destination.  It might be a little uphill but you have the music behind you.”

“The spirit world is singing your song.”

I can hear voices singing and I start to play a flute.

I arrive at a lagoon with a beautiful waterfall and walk through the waterfall into a cave.

I can hear water trickling down the walls.

It is very dark in the cave but I can just about see where I am going.

I hear, “Let the water flow from above.”

“Notice the pools it creates on the ground.”

“Notice the ripple effect it creates –each time you drop a pebble in the pool.”

I pick up a pebble and drop it in the pool.  I notice the ripple effect it creates.

I hear, “Let each ripple effect be positive and founded in a joyful outcome.”

All of a sudden there is an incredible bright light.  It feels like someone has switched on a very bright and strong light inside the cave.

I hear “When you drop good pebbles in, the light will shine.”

I carry on walking and can see everything clearly for the first time.

I have travelled through this cave before and now see things I have never seen before because the light is shining brightly.

The walls are all white and glistening with bright jewels and diamonds.  The pools that always looked so dark before are actually gold liquid and there are beautiful and vivid flowers all around.  The flowers are the most vivid of blue and pink and the cave looks like it has never looked before.  There are little frogs hopping around and they are the most amazing green colour.  It is a green I have never seen before.

I hear, “You have reached enlightenment.”

“You now know how to switch on the light.”

I can hear steady clapping and singing.

I hear, “We are singing your song and we are in the same rhythm.  We are dancing to the same beat.”

Birds started flying around inside the cave.  The cave was full of beautiful birds all fluttering around above my head.

I could hear children’s voices saying “Mum….mum….mum”

I heard, “Think of the children.  You can help the children bring order and harmony.”

“They are pebbles in the ponds and their ripple will be the future of this earthly world.”

“The birds represent all the children.  They are free souls at the moment.  They can fly, but need guidance.  They need to know how to bring order and harmony to the world.”

“Some are frightened.  They need to know they are never alone and can always go inwards for love and guidance.”

I saw the Big Chief and Angel watching me in the distance.

I heard, “You have learned so much.  You have been open to our wisdom and we are grateful to you for this.”

“We love you dearly our enlightened one.”

“Keep doing everything you are doing.  Drop positive pebbles in the pond and watch the magic of the ripples in awe and joy.”

“Show the children how to drop the right pebbles.  Make it fun.”

I looked down and saw many pebbles on the ground.  They were all brightly coloured and covered in patterns and stripes like they had been hand painted.

I heard, “Paint the pebbles in ways that the children will want to drop more and more positive pebbles in.”

I looked up and saw the brightness of the cave.  All lit up and with lots of different people in there all dressed in brightly coloured clothes.  The sight was truly amazing.

The pebbles turned into more brightly coloured flowers.

I heard, “The flowers will be reaped from the positive ripples in the ponds.  They will grow and grow at the side of the ponds.”

“The ponds are the life and energy around each pebble.  The pebbles are our thoughts.”

The ponds in the cave started to all blend together into little rivulets.  I followed them back out through the waterfall and to the lagoon.

I heard, “The ponds will ripple out and merge.  This will create the Lagoon of Order and Harmony.  This will then lead to the Stream of Learning and the River of Consciousness which you should flow in to reach the divine kingdom of Heaven.”

“If each child could start the ripple this earthly realm would be the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and we would not have to work hard sifting for gold.  We would create our own flow of Order and Harmony.”

I walked back down to the stream where I had been sifting.

“You are in the river of consciousness.  You have seen the cave of the enlightened with all its treasures.”

“You know what to do.”

“You know what to do.”

“We will help and guide when needed.”

“No more sifting for the gold.”

“Start the ripples and watch the Order and Harmony flow.”

“Play your tune.  Do not sift. Focus on playing your tune.”

I looked down at the sieve and it had turned into a gold bowl.

I scooped some water from the stream and drank it.

I heard, “Do not let water slip through the sieve – that is the most valuable bit.”

“Drink from the stream of learning.”

I put the Gold bowl in the stream and it started to grow really big.  I got into the bowl and started to float off down the stream.

I heard, “Drink from the stream of learning then watch yourself glide effortlessly to the river of consciousness and the Divine Kingdom of Your Heaven.”

“Take the Children with You.”

Hope you enjoyed this latest Shamanic Journey, I will continue publishing these on a weekly basis and there are some books in creation as we speak.  One will be aimed at children and I am collaborating with some truly amazing people to bring these out to everyone in an exciting way:-)

I would love to hear your views on this.  

I’m also delighted to announce that Jon (who writes The View from the Ground) in These Wings Can Fly will now be publishing his own personal blog which will chart his own journey since the book as we continue to explore the amazing power within us.

He’ll be publishing his first alongside this one today.






2 thoughts on “Connecting to the Divine and our Higher Selves. Meeting the Angel of Order and Harmony

  1. Teach the children to accept a much brighter mentality to what they have been taught to accept, once we have done this collectively, the old mentality will be no more as the children brought up with a brighter mentality want know how to think any other way.

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