Knowing what we need to know about LOVE – 29.1.15

INDIAN CHIEFChapter 4 - The Exhilaration of Flying

This was a lovely Shamanic journey for me to do.

Thank you to members of my Facebook Group for their discussion which prompted me to ask this simple yet often intriguing question.

I hope you enjoy the answers I received

Knowing what we need to know about LOVE – 29.1.15

I am standing at the side of a beautiful lagoon watching a waterfall in front of me.  The Big Chief is standing next to me and he is playing a beautiful tune on his flute.

I bow and say, “Namaste.  Thank you for all the answers you lovingly give me.”

I hear, “It is our pleasure Vivienne.  We are here to give to you and it is good to know it is gratefully received.  The first thing we give to you from our heart and from a place of LOVE is our music.  We play the music that we know you love. “

That is Lesson number 1.  Play music that you love.  Play it for yourself and play it for others.  Play your music in a way that harmonises with others music.”

I begin to play a high pitched flute and me and the Big Chief play together in harmony for a while.  It feels and sounds wonderful.

“Let others play there music and seek to harmonize”

I then hear a tambourine.

“Encourage others to join in with their own music.”

I then begin to hear drums and musical chimes.  It is wonderful and sounds like everyone is joining in and playing their individual part in the music we are playing.  I can also hear native American Indian voices chanting

“Everyone has their own music to play.  Hear some sing.  Hear all the different types of music from others and seek to harmonize.  Be at one with your music.  An orchestra of LOVE as it were.  That is Lesson number 1.”

I watch the Big Chief as he rolls white beads on the ground.

“Lesson number 2 – Create Love.  Create love with your thoughts. Remember your thoughts are energy and the purest form of co-creation energy is Love.  See the beads of thoughts that the spirit world puts in your Field.  The beads of thought are already their – planted in your energy field.  Now all you have to do is Magic them to grow”

I see a fountain of sparkling gold glitter coming from my forehead.

“What do you Love doing?  Those are the thoughts you should have to grow the Love energy.  Who do you Love?  What do you Love? Why do you Love these people and things?”

“Water the beads of thought with your Love consciousness.  See what happens.”

The Big Chief stands back with his arms folded smiling and watching me.

I think of all the things I love and the fountain of sparkles from my head arches down to the ground and I concentrate on directing it at the beads.  They all begin to sprout into beautiful flowers of many vivid colours.

I hear, “See how your Love thoughts bring abundance into your Field.  Keep the Love consciousness flowing.  See what happens.”

The Big Chief is really enjoying this.  He has a big smile on his face as he watches me.  I really concentrate and more gold glitter flows from my head.

I see birds and butterflies and bees all coming towards the flowers.  They are buzzing and fluttering around the flowers and taking pollen from them and also just resting on them.

“See how your thought energies have brought abundance for you and others.  This is Lesson number 3”

“When you feed your thoughts with pure Love consciousness it not only creates abundance in your Field – it also feeds others with pure Love consciousness.  It feeds the very essence of Earth.  Can you still hear the music?  We are playing for you Vivienne.  That keeps your Love consciousness growing.  You create the Love consciousness with a little help from us…..and from your own thoughts.”

“As the abundance of Love grows in your Field it attracts others.”

I see more beads and this time they come from my head and they are surrounded by the gold glitter as they arch down to the ground.

“Now you have mastered creation and growth of Love.  You simply need to open your Heart chakra wide to receive and give the Love divine energy that is always there for you to channel – in, through and out of you.  See how your thought Love energy now blends with the Divine Love energy.”

There is a green mist coming from my heart.  It merges with the gold glitter from my head and there is a most wonderful fountain of green and gold glitter pouring out of me.  It is pouring onto the ground and where it lands, more and more flowers are popping up.  The Field is beginning to be filled with the beautiful vivid flowers.

I can see a beam of light flooding into my Crown chakra which is wide open.  I look up and I can see angels pouring bright white light down onto me.

“See how it all works so beautifully when all your channels are open Vivienne.”

“Love energy from the Divine into your Crown.  Through you and out of your Heart chakra.  Pure gold Love thought energy all flooding out of you onto the seed thoughts in your Field”

The gold and green glitter mist is now spreading out from me and out across the land.

I can see crowds of people walking towards us from all directions.

“Do you see how simple it is!  See how abundance spreads across the land and to the Tribes”

“Lesson 4 – Spread the LOVE!”

“Think deeply about that phrase that you hear so often said without thought.  Spread the LOVE Vivienne.  Do it quickly and widely.  Turn yourself into a vortex of green and gold Love energy.  Spin Vivienne!! Spin Lightworkers!  Whip that Love out of you!!”

“Create a vortex of Love energy.”

I begin to spin round and round faster and faster.  I feel completely exhilarated.  I can see I am whipping up my own energy and creating a momentum.  I can see a vortex of green and gold spinning around me.

“That’s right Vivienne.  Rise up like a LOVE tornado!!  Fly closer to the Divine for powerful Love energy.  The closer you get to the Divine, the more Love they can pour into you”

This is so exciting.  I spin up towards the angels.  As I get nearer, they are flooding me with Light.  I am covered in tingles.  The vortex around me becomes huge!!

“Spin Vivienne!  All around the world.  See the abundance you create.  See the joy and happiness you create as you fly your LOVE tornado around the world.”

I am flying across the land in the tornado.  I can see people on the ground looking up and all laughing and dancing.  I can see bright flowers springing up everywhere.  This looks truly awesome!!

“Love flows.  The more you spread –  the more it grows.”

“Love is endless.  It grows with your Love thoughts and the constant stream of Light from the Divine”

“Love does not need to be divided.  It grows and spreads when it is given out”




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